53 Amazing Castor Oil Benefits (videos)

Castor Oil is trending right now because it can be used for so many things.

Check out this list then scan down to watch some videos I found on YouTube discussing different ways to use it.

Castor Oil Benefits

*This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.*
  1. Promotes Hair Growth: Enhances hair thickness and growth.
  2. Treats Scalp: Moisturizes scalp and combats dandruff.
  3. Moisturizes Skin: Hydrates and softens skin effectively.
  4. Reduces Wrinkles: Minimizes the appearance of fine lines.
  5. Treats Acne: Helps in acne reduction and prevention.
  6. Soothes Chapped Lips: Acts as a natural lip balm.
  7. Enhances Eyelashes and Eyebrows: Nourishes and thickens lashes and brows. (buy a small bottle like this one)
  8. Nourishes Cuticles: Strengthens nails and softens cuticles.
  9. Soothes Sunburn: Aids in the recovery of sunburned skin.
  10. Prevents Stretch Marks: Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  11. Repairs Feet: Moisturizes and soothes cracked heels.
  12. Relieves Arthritis Pain: Reduces pain and inflammation from arthritis.
  13. Alleviates Muscle Soreness: Eases muscle pain.
  14. Eases Menstrual Cramps: Offers relief when applied topically.
  15. Relieves Constipation: Functions as a natural laxative.
  16. Boosts Immune System: Enhances lymphatic function.
  17. Mitigates Migraines: Helps reduce migraine symptoms.
  18. Acts as an Antifungal: Effective against fungal skin infections.
  19. Reduces Inflammation: Alleviates skin and joint inflammation.
  20. Heals Wounds: Speeds up the healing process.
  21. Conditions Hair: Deeply nourishes hair.
  22. Delays Aging: Fights signs of skin aging.
  23. Diminishes Under-eye Circles: Reduces dark circles.
  24. Treats Scars: Helps in scar appearance reduction.
  25. Combats Ringworm: Effective in treating ringworm.
  26. Lessens Varicose Veins: Reduces varicose vein visibility.
  27. Supports Lymphatic Drainage: Aids in lymphatic health.
  28. Induces Sleep: Promotes relaxation and better sleep.
  29. Detangles Hair: Helps in hair detangling.
  30. Controls Dandruff: Effective against scalp dandruff.
  31. Promotes Beard Growth: Enhances beard health and growth.
  32. Relieves Joint Pain: Eases joint discomfort.
  33. Cleanses Skin: Used in oil cleansing methods.
  34. Prevents Hair Fall: Strengthens hair roots.
  35. Soothes Psoriasis and Eczema: Alleviates symptoms.
  36. Hydrates Dry Skin: Nourishes and moisturizes dry skin.
  37. Induces Labor: Historically used for labor induction.
  38. Treats Skin Abscesses: Effective in abscess treatment.
  39. Makes Natural Deodorant: Used in homemade deodorant.
  40. Balances Skin Tone: Evens out skin tone and texture.
  41. Remedies Cold and Cough: Traditional remedy for respiratory issues.
  42. Serves as Shaving Cream: Used as a natural shaving aid.
  43. Relieves Insect Bites: Reduces itching and swelling.
  44. Cares for Pets: Enhances pet coat and skin health.
  45. Soothes Diaper Rash: Effective against diaper rash.
  46. Enhances Hair Color: Boosts hair color and shine.
  47. Treats Hemorrhoids: Eases hemorrhoid discomfort.
  48. Removes Makeup: Acts as a natural makeup remover.
  49. Alleviates Skin Allergies: Reduces allergic reactions.
  50. Serves as a Lubricant: Used as a safe, natural lubricant.
  51. Hair Darkening: Regular application can naturally darken hair over time.
  52. Improves Eyelash Curl: Helps in maintaining a natural curl of eyelashes.
  53. Natural Brow Gel: Works as a natural alternative to set and thicken eyebrows.

Castor Oil Benefits to eye lashes

Where To Buy Castor Oil

You can buy Castor Oil at your local health store, on Amazon, or online.

Look for a brand that is organic, hexane-free, and in a dark bottle.

These are some of the brands I recommend:

Queen of Thrones – Use code ALESSTOXICLIFE for 10% off when you spend $59. It has the highest rating on Amazon.

Heritage Castor Oil – I bought this on Amazon. (Read over 8200 reviews).

Eyelash Kit with a Small bottle of Castor Oil – some suggest buying a small bottle first is better so your castor oil stays fresh. (Read over 28,000 reviews on this one)

Mascara Tubes – This set is the one I bought to use on my lashes.

Castor Oil benefits for hair

Castor Oil Videos

These are some of my favorite videos about castor oil and where I learned how to use castor oil for all the benefits mentioned above.

Remember: These videos are for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.

Chalene Johnson

I can’t get enough of Chalene! She recently chimed in on the viral castor oil trend and also recommends Queen of Thrones.

Dr. Berg On Castor Oil

This is a short video on the benefits of castor oil.

Dr. Peter Osborne On Castor Oil

Dr Osborne interviews Dr. Marisol in this video discussing how to use castor oil plus how a castor oil pack can be used topically for a milder effect and additional benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects and microbiome balance.

The pack is applied to the liver area and worn for at least an hour, but the duration can vary depending on the individual.

Remember, it is important to stay hydrated when using castor oil to support the body’s detoxification processes.

Use code ALESSTOXICLIFE for 10% off when you spend $59 at Queen of Thrones.

Dr. David Jockers On Castor Oil

In this video, Dr. Jockers goes over how to use castor oil to improve your skin, hair, liver, and lymphatic system and how to improve circulation and oxygenation.

Shea Whitney’s 39 Ways To Use Castor Oil

Shea isn’t a doctor but she’s fun to listen to and provides great information on all sorts of topics.

Bottom Line

Castor oil stands out as a remarkably versatile natural product, offering a wide range of benefits for hair, skin, and overall health.

From enhancing hair growth and treating skin conditions to relieving pain and improving bodily functions, the uses of castor oil are diverse and significant.

Its natural properties make it a valuable and accessible remedy for numerous everyday health and beauty concerns, solidifying its place as a staple in many households.

Whether used for cosmetic purposes or health-related issues, castor oil is a powerful, all-natural solution worth exploring.

Castor Oil Benefits

53 Amazing Castor Oil Benefits (videos)