Is Bella Grace A Pyramid Scheme?

Bella Grace is a direct sales company founded in 2020 by Meredith and Brian Bilbro.

As of 2023, Bella Grace has one product and that is a collagen elixir.

In the coming months, Bella Grace will be releasing cosmetics and expanding to Canada.

Is Bella Grace A pyramid Scheme

Some people have been asking if Bella Grace is a pyramid scheme and I totally understand why.

Direct sales companies get a bad rap but honestly, it’s the distributors that often become the problem, not the company’s compensation plan.

Distributors get excited, talk endlessly on social media, and push the business rather than the products so they end up scaring people away from the industry.

Selling products via direct sales, affiliates, influencers, and ambassadors is a legit way for companies to sell their products.

The people who share the product get compensated for their referrals.

You’d go to a big chain store to make purchases why not buy from a small business owner who wants to make extra money for their family?

Is Bella Grace A Scam?

I want to explain what a pyramid scheme is as well as how direct sales and influencer marketing work.

However, if you already think direct sales is a pyramid scheme then you should stop reading right now because I won’t be able to convince you otherwise.

If you are seriously investigating Bella Grace for the products or the business then please take a look around this site for more information about the Bella Grace collagen elixir and keep reading for more explanation.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

According to in the classic “pyramid” scheme, participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants, usually where:

  • The promoter promises a high return in a short period of time;
  • No genuine product or service is actually sold; and
  • The primary emphasis is on recruiting new participants.
  • All pyramid schemes eventually collapse, and most investors lose their money.

Is Bella Grace A pyramid Scheme

What Is A Direct Sales Company?

A direct sales company, also known as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, is a type of business model where products or services are sold directly to consumers by independent salespeople who earn commissions or bonuses based on their sales and the sales of their recruited downline or team.

Unlike pyramid schemes, which are illegal in many countries, MLMs are generally considered legal as long as they comply with certain regulations and requirements.

MLMs have a legitimate product or service that is being sold, and participants earn commissions based on their actual sales, rather than solely based on recruiting others.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where individuals, known as affiliates, promote products or services of a company or merchant through various online channels, such as websites, blogs, social media, or email, and earn commissions based on the sales or actions generated through their promotional efforts.

Affiliate marketing is generally considered a legitimate business model, and it is not classified as a pyramid scheme because the primary focus is on promoting products or services to consumers, rather than solely on recruitment.

Additionally, affiliates do not typically purchase inventory or carry any product themselves, as the sales are made directly by the merchant or company.

Affiliates typically do not get paid commission from the sales of the affiliates they refer to the company.

Bella Grace Collagen Side Effects

What Is An Influencer?

In the context of affiliate marketing, an influencer is a person who has established a following or audience on social media or other online platforms and has the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of their audience.

Influencers typically create content, such as blog posts, videos, social media posts, or other forms of digital media, to promote products or services of a company or merchant as part of an affiliate marketing program.

When their audience makes a purchase or takes the desired action through their affiliate links, influencers earn commissions based on the agreed-upon compensation structure of the affiliate marketing program.

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

In the context of direct sales, a brand ambassador is someone who is associated with a direct sales company and promotes its products or services to their network, customers, or online audience.

Brand ambassadors in direct sales typically use their personal networks, social media platforms, and other marketing strategies to promote the products or services of the direct sales company they represent.

They may earn commissions or bonuses based on the sales generated through their efforts.

It’s important to note that the role of a brand ambassador can vary depending on the company and its specific requirements.

Bella Grace side effects

What Is A Bella Grace Influencer?

Generally, people who sign up in Bella Grace to become an influencer already have a social media following and share products with their audience.

They may have used the products or not however, they see how their following can benefit from them.

Bella Grace offers a FREE influencer account.

Bella Grace Influencers can:

  • Sell Bella Grace products via their links
  • Earn commissions for products purchased by their customers
  • Unlock up to 30% in Customer Commissions
  • Get paid weekly
  • Earn free product
  • See Real-time sales & commissions reports
  • Access to world-class training tools
  • Access to proprietary social marketing tools & content

What Is A Bella Grace Ambassador?

Typically, a Bella Grace Ambassador is a person who has used (or wants to use) the Bella Grace products and wants to share the products with their friends.

Bella Grace Ambassadors purchase products for their own personal use and then sign up to be an ambassador for the $49 annual fee.

As a benefit to becoming an ambassador you can buy multiple 30-day packs at a discount but it is not required.

Bella Grace Ambassadors can:

  • Sell Bella Grace products via their links
  • Earn commissions for products purchased by their customers
  • Unlock up to 30% in Customer Commissions
  • Get paid weekly
  • Earn free product
  • See Real-time sales & commissions reports
  • Access to world-class training tools
  • Access to proprietary social marketing tools & content
  • Participate in Bella Grace rewards plan
  • Enroll new Ambassadors and Influencers to build a sales organization
  • Earn commissions on the sales made by the Ambassadors and Influencers they referred
  • Earn trips
  • Be recognized for their growth
  • Learn leadership skills.

Do You Have To Have A Big Social Media Following To Make Money In Bella Grace?

You don’t have to have a big following on social media to earn money sharing Bella Grace collagen.

It is a business of sharing products so if you don’t plan to use social media you will have to find a way to share the products in other ways.

  • Host events or parties to share the products with your friends.
  • Share the products at networking events
  • Share your results with people who are looking for natural ways to get healthy.
  • Leverage a website, Pinterest, or build your social media following.

What Do Influencers And Ambassadors Make?

When an influencer or an ambassador refers a customer to buy the Bella Grace collagen they will make 10% per sale.

There are other ways to make money in Bella Grace but that is the starting point.

You have to be realistic with yourself about your ability to sell Bella Grace or any other product.

If you love sales, love people, love sharing products, or are entrepreneurially minded then you can create a monthly income with Bella Grace.

How To Get Bella Grace Collagen For Free

If you love the Bella Grace collagen and want to share it with a few friends you can get yours free.

Simply sign up as an influencer or ambassador and refer 3 friends.

Your subscription order will be FREE the following month.

Free Bella Grace Collagen

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